What has happened???

What has happened with today's music? It has changed so much! There used to be such classic voices, that everybody loves. I would much rather hear Debbie Reynolds over Carrie Underwood, or Judy Garland over Mary.Mary. No I don't listen to them, I don't even now anything about them, but I have heard a song they sing, and Judy Garlands voice is a whole lot better! : ) No offence to anyone who listens to them! : P And I am not saying that all music today is like that, I very much enjoy Steven Curtis Chapman, Selah, and a lot of Christian Music. But I like the Classic all American genuine Singers! What do you think???


(*>*) Jewel '98 said...

I agree with you partly. :) I like Carrie Underwood. And I don't really know all the names. But yes, some of the music today is *bad*! :) G2G!
Jewel K

Olivia Coy said...

So true. My sister can sing like she's from way back when. I've not stopped at your blog in awhile but glad I did. Have a great weekend!



Abigail and Lydia said...

Hey JEwel!
Thanks for commenting! We have a CD of hers and I will listen to a song on that, I am not saying that her music is bad!

Hey Olivia-
Thanks so much for commenting! I am glad you agree! I would like to hear her : ) ! You too!

Gran said...

I agree 100%. Oh, those old musicls were great! YOu had voices with a little music in the background. Now you have loud noise wth a voice you can't even hear.

Abigail and Lydia said...

Thanks Gran!

Sara said...

ARE YOU MY SISTER'S LONG LOST TWIN? LOL... I read her the post and she was like, "AMEN! Finally someone gets it!" I do love Rachel Lampa and Jaci Velasquez though... those are basically whats on my MP3 :o)

Abigail and Lydia said...

I am glad people agree with me! When I am listening to music that is from like the fifty's I tell my mom "You never hear that type of music anymore!" Thanks for commenting!

Tia said...

I really like Carrie Underwood... I guess I'm the outcast here... but her voice her so clear and crisp.
If you look for them, singers today have allot of talent. It was just portrayed in a better way when Judy Garland and Debbie Reynolds were around.
Plus, I think the actual lyrics in the songs have changed, and allot of people prefer the lyrics from back then, verses today.
I've heard many, many people say that singers today have corrupted music. But in my opinion, they just have different style. There are many singers today that could definitely rock the style of older singers, but they sing different kinds of music because that's what people write for them.
My cousin, Janice Mays, has an incredible voice. She sings for Sovereign Grace Ministries and could beautifully portray a song sung by Judy Garland or someone like that...
that could be because she grew up in a huge family that was all about that era but...
She has three christian songs out (Who is like you. Mighty, Mighty Savior, and Surrender All) that have a modern flare, but still sound amazing. And she has a lead role in an off-Broadway play.
(brag much? lol)

I'm sorry for the long comment, haha I guess my typing got away from me!
Just so you know, I am not in any way trying to put Debbie Reynolds or Judy Garland or anyone from that era down in any way. They had voices that could totally trump allot of singers out there (like Katy Perry for instance)
But I think that there are allot of singers that really can belt it out.
Please don't hate me!! I really do like reading your blogs :)

Abigail and Lydia said...

Hey Tia!
Oh, I am not saying that people today don't have buetiful voices!

Tia said...

Hahaha, that comment was waaaayyyyy too long. I'm sorry. When I"m typing my fingers don't listen to my brain when it says stop.

Abigail and Lydia said...

oh, its fine! I like long comments!!!!!!!