packing up, and moving out

The movers are here, and I am surrounded by boxes~

Once we had all of our stuff that we wanted to keep with us together, it was relatively easy..
Mama, Abigail, and I  even went shopping yesterday.. and we went again today! Wow- who new moving could be so easy?! *wink*

There isn't really anything to do- you kind of feel lazy. Haha! You can just sit back and watch the movers pack everything up.. or go shopping. {grin}

I might not be able to post for a little while- but I may be able to post when we stop by my grandparents.
I will miss you all!
Until then...


{This is a picture of Levi and I with the huge train that he built around the living room...I know it is not the best!}

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Alexandra! said...

Hope y'alls move goes safely!
I only moved once and I was only three, but I still remember it!

Nice train! :]