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What pasesses a six year old to put silly puddy all over the lens of Mama's glasses? Huh?
You would never tell from the look in his eyes that He is so mischevious!! ;) We love him, despite his crazy ideas...

These are some pictures that Abigail took of me last night when the sun was setting... please ignore the fact that I look like I have a cinnamon bun stuck on top on my head... it is a very servicible hairdo when cleaning the kitchen!! ;) 
I saw this thing another blog, and thought it would be fun to do~

If you don't know something about me, that you really want to know- ask me!

I think it will be fun to hear some of your quistions- I think? ;)

My eyes might become big as saucers and I might scream if you ask anything to personal- so don't!
Just kidding...☺

~have fun with the quistions. Ask odd things. i.e- What is your favorite brand of clothing? Are you outgoing?
Things like that. Things that I probably wouldn't post about if I wasn't asked~ So ask away!



Miss K said...

Ok! Not to copy off you or anything but ARE you outgoing?Also, do you like pudding? Chocolate or vanilla or what flavor? Totally random, I know, but for some reason I have pudding on the brain! ;)

Alexandra! said...

This isn't to personal or odd, but I just wanted to know, what state do you live in? I know some people don't like to tell, so it's O.K. if you don't!


Anonymous said...

hey Lydia! you're welcome, thank you for your comment on my blog! :) loved the pictures of this post! also, congrats for becoming part of the staff of Bloom! magazine! ;) I checked the webstite and I loooved, I'm even thinking abou aplying for the staff too! :-) God bless!

Sisters of Grace said...

Hi Abigail! I'm pretty sure this is the first time Ive ever commented on your blog, but I really like it!!

Anyways my question.:) What are your favorite places to clothes shop??


lahni said...

I guess I'll ask a few questions:)
1: Who is your favorite secular music artist(s)?
2: What is your favorite secular movie/book? What is your favorite Christian movie/book?
3: ummm, and i can't think of another question right now, so you can just tell me something random.haha.
Thanks Lydia, this is a cool idea:)
Love your blog! Mine is under construction right now is why the layout is not really pretty..ha,but hopefully soon ill get it together again...have a great day!