tag, I'm it.

~4 Things Found In My Bag/Purse
1. wallet
2. big bug-eyed sunglasses {grin}
3. lipstick
4. vintage pocket mirror

~4 Favorite Things In my Room
1. portable DVD player
2. my shabby-chic bed
3. clothes
4. books

~4 Things I've Always Wanted To Do
1. sing really well
2. visit Ireland, Scotland, and England
3. surf
4. be in a flash mob

~4 Things I'm Currently Into
1. fashion
2. vintage/shabby-chic
3. photography
4. the color white {i.e decorating}

~4 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Me
1. I laugh a lot.
2. I can be extremely corny..{grin}
3. I sing in the shower. ☺
4. I was born at home. My aunt says that I am "Home Grown"! Haha. :)

~4 Songs I Can't Get Out Of My Head
1. "Lead Me", I'm not really sure who sings it.
2.  "Beautiful Ending", Barlow Girl
3.  "Get back up", Toby Mac
4. "The Untitled Hymn", Chris Rice

Well, that sums it all up. Thanks again Samarah for tagging me! I tag anyone who read this~
Happy Monday!



Alexandra! said...

I don't have a bag or purse! :P
By Portable dvd player broke! :(


Carri said...

Does this have some kind of button?

Love you!!


Hope ya'll have a good move. :)talk to you soon!!

Sues said...

Hi! It's Miss Susie! :-) I just happened over here today, LOVE your photography, and had to share: we were *thisclose* to being in a flash mob on Wednesday. There was one planned at our zoo where we're members now, but we couldn't get over there. :'(

I also am obsessed with 3 of the exact same songs!!! I'm not sure about "Lead Me" but BarlowGirl is my favorite group ever, "Get Back Up" is HUGE in our house b/c we saw TobyMac in May, and Chris Rice makes me cry - esp. when Annelise sings, "fly to Jesus." :-)

You have a beautiful way of sharing your heart for God! Keep it up and stay strong for the move. I know how hard those can be!