what I write when I have writers block.

I have writers block. Imagine that?
I started a post yesterday, and clicked 'save now' as a draft. Thinking that I would finish it later. Obviously I didn't. ;)

I don't know what it is. I have stuff I could write about. Sure- I could tell you about standing in Kroger going through my mom's coupon envelope, looking for the one for tea. {which by the way, my favorite is 'Wild Berry Zinger'- just FYI!}
Or- if you don't want to hear about that, which I highly doubt you do, I could tell you about jumping on the trampoline with my brothers, because they had been begging me to. And, then of course I could tell you about taking the trash to the curb. and getting rid of the pile of boxes that are sitting the garage.

But I seriously doubt that you would want to hear about that~ am I right??

Well, that is really all that I have to tell about, so I will just pick one of the above three topics, and tell away!~

I enjoyed my time jumping on the trampoline with them this evening...
it wasn't too cold, and it was just starting to get dark.
We jumped, and we played ring-around-the-Rosie {mature, eh?}.. and we laughed, and laughed. They are pros when it comes to laughing? yes- even when it isn't that funny!!

I have decided that Levi is still a baby {don't tell Him though.} I know he IS four years old. But still oh, so baby-ish at times! I love it when He wants me to hold Him.
Or tonight, when He started crying because He didn't want me to go inside, when we were jumping.  He melts my heart sometimes!

Well, my sister came to me a few minutes ago, and asked if I wanted to watch a movie with her. I have a portable DVD player, and we will sit on my bed and watch movies. It is so much fun. I think she is getting used to me letting her use it, even if I am not going to watch it with her. I told her that I was going to finish writing this post, and then I would be up to watch it with her. She said, "You want me to just go set it up." Which really means, "You want me just to set it up, and start watching!!"

I don't care~ She is extremely careful with stuff like that. Except when she left MY mp3 player in her pocket, and it ended up in the washing machine!! {it worked fine after that, by the way.}

So I am off to watch "Little House on the Prairie"... hopefully it will be an episode with Mrs. Olsen, and Nellie. They are my favorite characters!
Who doesn't just lOVe them. They are the best, and the worst. at the same time~


{funny thing- I started this post with writers block. It didn't last for long!}

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