{the snow is falling}

This morning I woke up to the ground being covered in snow...again. It snowed pretty much all day, and I wasn't very anxious to get out in it, but my mom told me that I would probably regret it if I didn't. So I put on my snow boots, coat,  gloves, and hat, or in other words, bundled up!... and went out. Abigail was making a snow man with the boys so I helped some, and then decided to try out the new sled. And I thoroughly enjoyed myself! :)

I felt like a three-year old sliding down and squealing, with my hands up in the air! {like I mentioned Here...which by the way, feel free to follow me over there!}

I danced with my brother on the driveway. Just the two of us. I sang "Baby, it's cold outside", and danced. Singing both the man, and woman parts of that song is hard, but I still lOvE the song!

When we arrived home from the library I had some school to do, so I made a cup of hot chocolate and went up to my room, and put in Chloe Agnew's cd that I had gotten at the library, and did my work, while the snow fell outside my window. It as a very cozy moment~

It's not completely weird that I am eating cranberry sauce in January is it?
Cranberry sauce holds a special place in my heart!... maybe it's because I love Thanksgiving so much! :)

                                    Here are some pictures from the lovely snow this evening~...

                                                     {I think she was in mid-throw of a snowball!}
                                                         {busily shaping a ball for the snow lady.}

                                            {the snow man that the guys built-- it wasn't looking it's best!}
                                                          {Titus and the finished "Snow lady"!}
You don't know what it took for me to get him to pose for this picture! I'm seriously? is it that hard to kiss a snow lady? ;)

I'm off to snuggle up on my bed and watch "Road to Avonlea", with my sister.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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