books read
dishes washed
kisses given & received from little siblings
words written
songs sung
grocery store trip made
pie crust made
cookies eaten

just a short list of things that have happened in my day.. could go on and on listing things that don't really matter, but have happened.

Every morning I dread getting out of bed. I'm not a morning person, okay?
I would much rather stay tucked inside the warm covers, and think about getting up..
It's not an easy thing for me, most of the time I just jump up still half asleep, just so I can get my blood pumping in the chilly air.

I am such a night owl.. if your're an early bird, your're not wanted here! ;)

It's not that I dread stuff that I am going to have to do during the day.
Nope. that's not it at all. It's just getting out of my comfort zone. Literally!
Blame it on the fact that I'm a huge procrastinator. I hate being one, it's just one of my faults.
I try to work on it. I try to be more efficient and get.things.done. That's a biggy for me.. getting things done.

Sometimes jumping out of bed half asleep is due to my procrastination, because I kept putting off going to bed the night before. It is just an endless cycle for me.

Go to bed late one night, get up late the next morning. Go to bed late, get up late. Go to bed late, get up late.

like I said. It's an endless cycle.

Now for some people it comes so easy. Like my sister can go to bed at the same time I do, and get up at 6:30, and it not affect her. I just lay in my bed, and roll my eyes. seriously-- it comes across as that sickening to me! ;)

.... go ahead and call me a selfish brat because I'm envious of her ability of being able to do that!! ;)

Sometimes it takes all of me to just smile. Just a simple smile. Not because there are not things in my life that are not worth smiling about.
That is not it at.all.

It's just that sometimes I don't feel joy, have joy or, for that matter, want joy.
I have a hard time admitting that I don't want joy. but don't we all sometimes not want to accept joy.

99.9% of the time I do want joy, I want to be filled with the joy of the Lord.
And it completely depends on my attitude towards life. If I want to go around with my head down, and if I want to have a smile on my face or not. Or if I want to jump out of bed, ready to face the day with a smile.
It is my choice.

I want to find beauty in my life, and even if it is not something earth shattering, and something worth listing on my blog. ;)

I read this quote in a book, and thought it was beautiful. So inspirational, and simple::

{when I was working on this photo I didn't have the quote handy, but knew most of it so just put it on there, later to find that this is what the quote really says, "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched ...but are felt in the heart."~ at least I was close! ;) }

Remember to have a smile on your face, and joy in your heart when you wake up in the morning. The day might seem long, and the air outside the warm bed might seem cold, but in the end it really is worth it.


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Lady Helen Mar said...

Ah dear, I know what you mean copletely...and here I am up late and well...
Joy, it is hard sometimes but I think what helps me is to remember that joy is not happiness. I mean we do not have to be happy to have joy. Does that make sense? I don't know, it os way too late. So good night,
Through Christ,