Can You see the (L.O.V.E)?

I love waking up when the sun is pouring through the windows. It had been a while, but finally on Friday morning, the sun appeared again.

The snow had finally melted away. Then on Thursday evening it started snowing again. And we ended up with about 2-3 inches~ I take back what I said a few posts back, about it probably being one the last times that I got to sled this Winter. ;)


 I love shots that are real life. Not posed. Everything is just like it is. Like when there are toys laying around, and the 4 year old is trying on pointe shoes.

Those are the best shots.  They really portray your life well! ;)

I know that I may have been sounding like a broken record in some of my past posts. Complaining about everything.
I didn't mean it like that. I was just telling it like it was. Not sugar coating everything, and making it sound like everything had gone right, when it hadn't. Just thought I would clarify. Oh, and things are going better now~ I guess it was those hard week days that just get to me!~ Hopefully next week will be better. :)

This is my new favorite picture. It's the screen saver on our computer, in my header, and in this post. I love it. Can you see the love? The admiration?
I can~...


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Carrington said...

LOL! I love that clock!!!!! Lily Kate's pink wagon is so cute! I like real life shots, but somehow with me they never work out. =P


Megan said...

Love these pics!