Whats going on....

I know I have not updated much lately, I have just not had the time for blogging! Anyway,
We had a wonderful Christmas this year. I got a new digital camera, so lots of pictures will be coming soon! I can assure you : ) I got tons of wonderful gifts this year. I am so excited about them all. We had such a wonderful time this year, and hope that you had one also!
By the way, Happy New Year~



Karen said...

Hi Lydia,
Happy New Year to you! I can't wait to see what new pictures you post. I am sure you will have some good ones. Hopefully this year will bring some exciting changes for us both. Have a good day.

Aunt Karen

Sara said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I love all your blogs, I read them everyday! Could I be invited to the Jane Austen one? My sister and I love Jane Austen and we think it's so cool that you and your older sister like it too!

Gran said...

Hey Littl Liddie - We juwt got home and I started checking blogs. What happen to Amzed by Grace? You guys are getting lazy. I have to work on mine and someday someone can show me how to do pictures. I took my picture printer down to let Madeline use it and she had deleted all her Christmas pictures. Oh well, she is having fun. I am glad you all like your cameras. Be sweet and talk to you later. Love - Gran

Lydia said...

Hey Grandma! She really deleted all her pictures from Christmas! Why would she want to do that? Yeah, I guess your right she is having fun! I read your new post on your blog, I really agree with you! I will post soon! I know I am getting lazy! I think I am going to try to upload some pictures on my camera to the computer now, and post some of them! I hope it works! Love you!

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Hi Lydia,

Happy New Year! I had a hard time reading your latest entry because the type was so light. Tell Abigail to e-mail me and invite me to view her Jane Austen blog!

That is a cute picture of Levi as your header.

Talk to you soon!


Lydia said...

Hey McKenzie!
Sorry that It was to light, I will fix it later, but right now we are about to go off to church so I need to go soon, but I will tell Abigail to invite you and you Sara to the Jane Austin Blog!
Bye for now,

Lydia said...

Thanks for the complement on my heaeder picture, McKenzie!

Lydia said...

I mean- Header : )