Ireland's Call....= )

Well, in the last post I said something about Ireland's Call, and the more to come on that.... well here is the "more to come"! = )
If you went to our play blog, you may have seen the video of them doing it,(they are a whole lot better now *(wink) *(wink) )Well, Today I practiced with Titus and Gabe, I had the parts that Clayton normally sings, and since he wasn't here to fulfill his part, I got it! = ) Let me explain about the parts that I was supposed to sing and my voice that I was going to have to fill those parts with.... one of the parts is song by a man with lets call it "man style Opera", and I just wasn't given that type of voice (thank goodness! I don't think it would really go well, with me!) And the other part, I can "act" Little better = ) So when it came time for me to sing "man style Opera", I gave it my all-in-all! = ) Lets just say that My "audience" found it more humorous than good sounding!
The boys do a nice job, but poor Titus just can't contain his laughter! : ) And Gabe fills his part pretty good, I just love his "Irish" accent! Very authentic buddy! = )
Can't wait to see what it turns out to be tomorrow at practice with Clayton! I will try to post a video!

Good night to all-
~The man style opera singer~ ( Just kidding)


~Eliza said...

You are so funny Lydia.

Laura said...

;) Funny!!