Alright blog readers, it is time for you to pitch in and help me! Beside posting pictures of Lily Kate, I don't know really what to post about... Please leave comments on what you would like to see more posts about... I am ready to post whatever you would like to see. Don't feel shy to leave many suggestions! = )

Have a great and Blessed Day~

~Lydia Caroline~


Gran said...

More pictures of everybody. Also, tell me what you are doing. When do you start ballet? Just got out of the pool. We need some little people in it. It is lonesome.

The Sisters said...

Hi Gran-
Ok, that hellps! Mama says that we will come at the end of july, can't wait to see you this coming weekend!
I am not sure when we will start ballet, I will let you know when I find out!

~Eliza said...

I want to see a video or more pictures of Abigail.Tell her to go to my blog and e-mail me. I miss talking to her.

~Carri~ said...

Hi liddie!

I would love to see pictures and stuuf of Gabe and ti doing Irelands call. Thanks!



The Sisters said...

Hi Eliza-
Ok! I will try to take pictures, and videos of her today!


Hi Carri-
Ok, I will try to get them to practice today, and take some pictures/videos of them!


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