Singing exsperience... = )

Ok, there is this song that I love,it is called "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen" it is so catchy and is very fun to sing.... the only problem is that after Abigail lisens to the guy that usually sings it with a good voice, and I get the lyrics, and try to sing it, she doesn't find it very good sounding! And that could be a problem when I am sitting outside right behind, her trying to give it that "catchy and very fun to sing" sound... so for some reason when I sing it, it doesn't sound the same as it usually does when she lisens to a good voice sing it! Yes, I guess when I am hooked on the song, that could be a problem! = )

Maybe she will learn to like my voice....but I really don't think that will happen! = )

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Laura said...

Haha!! I know how it is, Eliza does NOT like my singing... :) haha!