My Playlist.... and why I have the songs that I do....

I thouht it might be entertaining for my readers to read why I picked the songs that I did to have on my blog... here are my answers-

1. Come By the Hills- Because I just like that song, and it is very soothing, and pretty.

2. Lauren and I- I just love that song!

3. Down to the River to pray- Because I like that song alot~

4. O The Deep, Deep love of Jesus- I love that song!

5. Amazing Grace Bagpipes- I just love Amazing Grace, and the Bagpipes

6. Completely- Because I saw heard the song in "Facing the Giants", and I thougth it would be a great song to add to my collection! = )

7. Legend Of The Falls- I love that musical piece!

8. Something Beautiful- I just like that song!

9. Legacy- Again, I just like that song = )

10. Steal Away- Pretty song...

11. Heartland- I like the Song, and fun to dance too! = )

12. The Butterfly- So pretty!

13. Caledonia- I really like that song, and I know all the words so it is fun to sing along!

14. The Voice- Just like the song

15. Spanish Lady- Very fun to listen too!

16. Desperado- Hmmmmmmmmm, I don't really know! = )

17. Ireland's Call- one of my favorites!

18. Castles in the Air- I like the song...

19. Mercy Seat - I love this song!!

20. Give me your eyes- Like lots of others, just like the song!

21. Can't Slow down- SO Very Pretty! = )

22. Fathers Eyes- I love that song!

23. There is a fount- I just love their voices and that song!

24. Canon in D- Such a Melancholy sound : )

25. Caledonia- Ok, why is that on there again??? Oh, I forgot I put the wrong version on the first time, this one is alot prettier!

26. Highlander- I love classical pieces like these...

27. Freedom- one of my favorites!

28. Music From the Patriot- Pretty! = )

30. Something Beautiful- The longer version...

31. Red Letters- Abigail did a dance to this and looked the song up one day, and I had heard it when she was practicing it and I really liked it so I added it!

32. It's A Sunshine Day- I love this happy song!

33. One Bad Apple- This was funny when I found it, because Mama sings the chorus once in a while, and it was fun to finally hear the whole song!

34. Puppy Love- I really love this song, but it only has the very first part! Oops!

35. The Sky and The Dawn and The Sun- This is my favorite song Celtic Woman sings!

36. Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen- Well, Celtic Thunder Sings this song, and I liked it so then I printed off the lyrics, and then I decided to add it to my play list, but couldn't find them singing it so I just settled for this one! = )


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