More pictures Little Lily kate~

Here are a few pictures, from this morning when I was taking care of Lilly. The first picture was taken just a few minutes ago!


P.S. More to come soon!


Laura said...

Cute! I love her little outfit in the bottom picture, when your laying by here! Its adorable!

The Sisters said...

Hi Laura-
Thanks! I like that one too!


Anonymous said...

She's very cute! Can't wait to see her in person!
Aunt Monica

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Lily Kate is beautiful! Malachi calls her "Lily Cake"!

Congratulations Titus on losing your teeth!


McKenzie, Matthew, Madeline, Mariah and Malachi

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt monica-
Thank you! I can't wait till ya'll come down here!

Hi McKenzie, Matthew, Madeline, Mariah, and Malachi-

thank you! That is so funny, and cute, that Malachi calls her "Lily Cake"! = ) Titus was very proud, and happy! Thanks for commenting!