packing, moving, unpacking...

Alright I know I have not been posting lately but I have good excuses! We moved! Now you can see why I have been absent!! But I have finally settled down to do a post!
I must say moving isn't easy; it is one tough process. We are doing pretty well, I must say! The kitchen is done, mine and Abigail's room is almost done, the boys room is almost done and the master bedroom is almost done, and they living room is almost done. But the supposed to be school room is full to the brim with boxes! Oh, well, we'll get to it sometime. We really like the town and house. The backyard is great! It is nice and big!! I think we will be quite happy here!
I will try to post pictures soon!

Bye for now!


Bug said...

I bet it looks wonderful! Congrats! Hope you get some sort of fun by moving! LoL!

Giann said...

McKenzie had told me you guys were moving. Please take pictures of the Kitchen!!

Gran said...

Glad you are posting again. Can't wait to see the house and town. (and all of you). Don't let your Mom work too hard. Love - Gran

Abigail and Lydia said...

Hey Gran!
I am too! : ) I am looking forward to seeing you too! Oh, I won't!
Love you,

Eliza said...

Good! I can't wait to see pictures!