birthday day, and building blocks.

 Happy birthday to my Mom today~ I love her so very much, and am so glad God made her my Mama. She is such a sweet, loving, fun, funny, lovely person. She is so much fun to be around, and we have the best times together! She is my best friend, and a wonderful mama.

I love you Mama~ Have a wonderful year being --. ;)

O.P.I nail~polish.

I am smitten with this nail-polish. For once there is kind that doesn't chip of the first time you touch something. I call that good nail-polish. I might actually paint my nails now, and not have to clean them off because they got all banged up while doing stuff.... amazing.

Building blocks.

The perfect activity to entertain yourself with on a rainy afternoon. When it rains the hours in the day seem to be linked together with sleepy eyes, and coziness. When the ground is to wet, and soggy {unless you have rain-boots... which I don't} to play outside, then pulling out the wooden bocks with brightly colored letters engraved on them, and build and stack till your hearts content. There will be castles built, sstatements made about how you 'wish you could be making a sand castle, and put a flag on top of it', and blocks crashing down to the floor because of a one year olds lack of patience to see the finished product.

Lately I have become a fan of pictures "with motion". {usually called blurriness, but what's the fun in that?}  They are more realistic, because really- unless you spend your picture taking time yelling at everyone to "be still! Look at the camera!", then you are very unlikely to get a picture that isn't blurry. Especially on a rainy day, when there is no sunshine coming through the windows to help the lighting out. I prefer to let them do their thing, and if you catch the perfect shot, well then- good for you. If you don't, that means your shutter speed is too low. ;)

"I've got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen." — Louisa May Alcott 


 I like seeing the trampoline and play house on the side of this picture. On rainy-days, when you can't play outside, you can just look out the window and see all the play-places, where many hours of sunshine happiness have been spent. Whether is be the jumping contests that were held on the trampoline, or the mud-pies that were made in the playhouse.

Children's books.

Childrens books... you gotta' love them. I am familiar with the childrens section in the library, because of having younger sibilings. I actually have favorite children's books. I love the one called "Too many pumpkins", oh- that's really a great one. But my #1. fav would have to be "All the places to love". That is my top pick to read when I am putting Levi to bed. The illustrations are gorgeous, and look like someone pulled out a camera and taken the pictures.

I am almost 100% sure that we aren't the only ones who have book baskets with stray toys in them, and toy baskets with stray books in them. We're doing good if the books and toys are in baskets... I'm just being honest.

                                                             Foggy Hills.

I snapped the picture below this afternoon. You couldn't see the hill this morning when I woke up. The rain, wind, and dark skies completely put a dark mask over everything. I was lovin' it! ;)

Whether you have sunny skies, or dark clouds hanging over you.. may you find the perfect activity to fill your afternoon. Building blocks are always a good idea, and if you have the key to your castle may you be able to unlock it~.....


Olivia Coy said...

Ah, nail polish is so fickle. I bought a new color & brand the other day and by the next day my right hand had started chipping...I guess because it's my dominant hand and I use it more often. I tend to stick with clear polish since if it chips you can't see it!

~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Sweet pictures! I like the one of your Mama making bread.

Love you!


Alexandra! said...

Happy birthday to your mom!