{valentines edition}

I just had to put up a few of the V-Day pictures from our photo shoot yesterday.
We had been wanting to do them for couple of weeks, but just never got around to it~
So yesterday was the-DAY. I have to be honest and just say that I wasn't looking forward to the photo shoot itself... I never do! I don't think any of us do.

It always takes us FOREVER to get out the door. It was all kind of jumbled mess. Our conversations were yelled, and they went like this~

"Where's your coat?"
"Make sure that you dress warmly it's cold out there!"
"No don't wear that hat. Go brush your hair!"
"Two-minute warning!"
"Did you get Lily Kate's sweater?"
"Where is the dog?"
"No, don't wear those shoes, go get the other ones."
"Everyone come on!"

It was just a little bit of a zoo. ;)

I think the boys go into a state of panic, or something like that, when the camera comes out!
In the car I told them. "Alright, now. Everyone is going to be good! We only have to do this about three times a year, so behave!"

They actually turned out well... Everyone DID behave, and we had a good time. Besides the fact that we were a little chilly~ It was snowing after all. {you just can't tell in the pictures, we have a good 3-4 inches now.}

 We have had the same profile picture for... I don't know how long! A long time. It was taken about three years ago. We figured it was time for an update... :)
 There were several that ended up looking like the one above... I look like I've been sucking lemons... :/
Have a LOVEly evening~


Miss Laurie said...

What fun! The photos turned out very nice. Your siblings are so cute!
I love the photos of you and Abigail! You two are so beautiful!

Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day! :)

God Bless,
Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

maria said...

those are amazing! you guys look like the sweetest family ever! thank you for posting! :) <3

maria said...

P.S. I LOVE everybody's outfits!

Lady B said...

Awh, y'all are so cute! Love the pictures.
Through Christ,

samarah said...

wonderful pictures! you have a beautiful family! :)

much love,

Gran said...

In the last picture you two look like models. I love the one of the boys where Levi is cracking up. I am so wanting to see ya'll. Pray that my arm works when they try it. Right now my shoulder is killing me. From the block or the way I have been holding it or ariritis ( can't spell) or gout aggravated by the surgery and the shot in my shoulder. Lov eyou!