hat's off to St. Valetine...

Who is the reason for the wonderful tomorrow~

We love Valentines day at our house. We always have cinnamon buns for breakfast. Last year we had fondue, and it was simply L-O-V-E-L-Y. This year we are going a little different, but still staying with the chocolate theme, of course! ;)

I haven't even gotten my Valentines made... and I'm sitting here on Valentine's Eve. That's pretty sorry.
I spent a lot of time on extended family Valentine's, that I kind of put my {family's} V-day cards on the back burner.
I'm a sorry Valentine.

I hope you have a wonderful, LOVEly day tomorrow. Eat plenty of chocolate, it makes the day more memorable!

and of course- with all love,


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Alexandra! said...

Great Post!
Happy Valentines day! :)