{going green}

If you are a Packers fan, go ahead and pat me on the back. ;)
I think you would be very proud to know that I wore green today~
Yes, I know... I don't even watch the Super bowl, but I just *had* to do something!

I've never been one to get into football, or any sports, for that matter...
That's not really my thing. I might just go look at the screen for a few minutes, so I can say that I DID watch a little~ :)
That's not cheating, is it?

The reason that I chose to wear the Packers colors was because::

1.) I knew their colors.
2.) I didn't know the Steelers colors.


By the way, if you are going to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, it just might be a good idea to make sure you know the words, before singing it to the country.
That came across as a little tacky, Christina Aguilera.

Have a super Super Bowl Sunday!
Go Packers~ {I never thought I would say that.}

Cheese head :)


Anonymous said...

Haha:) sorry, but I'm going 4 the steelers:)

Allie W.

The Writings of Grace said...

Hi Lydia!
Mckenzie wore green to Church today too!
I had a little green in my Church blouse!
Have a good evening!

Hannah said...

Ha ha - that's great!! I'm a Vikings fan, but I rooted for the Packers tonight. (Better them than the Steelers!! =D)

Sisters of Grace said...

Well at least you did better than me. Last night after the game was over my brother told me to guess who won. He laughed at me when I asked who was playing:)


samarah said...

So glad you cheered for my Packs!! :) sooo happy they won!! ;]

much love,