our Valentines day...

We had a fabulous day yesterday!!!
We did just a little school and then watched these great history videos, called "America: The story of us". They make you feel so proud to be an American! :)

Sunday night my dad made red-velvet cupcakes for us, and to take some to work the next day. They turned out great! He was very proud- we told him he needed to go to "Cupcake Wars"! ;)

Aren't they pretty?! I thought he did a pretty good job with the piping, considering that it was the first time he has ever done it~

 For lunch my mom made brownies, and we had brownies and ice-cream for lunch!
It only happens once a year~ why not go all out?!?! ;)

Our day was filled with sweets! We made up for it by having vegetable soup for dinner!
I was going to start a 75% raw food diet today, with my mom and sister... but when there was still brownies, and other sweets left over today, we decided to just try to eat more raw food, instead of doing a whole raw food diet. ;)

So far all that I have eaten raw today is two pieces of fruit, and carrot juice. I haven't gotten "the glow" like all the raw foodies say they have. I'm not really sure why! ;) haha....

I'm about to go push Lily Kate in the jogger, and walk. Sweets certainly don't make you feel very good about your figure!


Meredith said...

oh i love cupcakes too :)

Southern Belle said...

Oh, that looks so delicious!! You are going raw? I tried that once, and I was really bad at it... ;) I hope you enjoy it though! =)

Abigail said...

I love reading your blog posts! Great Job! If you all eat that much sweets for Valentine's Day what do you eat for Easter! lol

Eliza said...

We have that DVD set too! I love them! I haven't watched them all yet. I think the last one we watched was about the westward expansion and heading west. :) But I'm looking forward to the rest! :)


Monica said...

The cupcakes look great!