I might go into deep depression tomorrow....

...But that depends on whether or not I like my hair cut or not. ;)
I am going at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon, to get it cut. I am a bit worried.
I have had the same hair style {if you can even call long hair w/ some layers, a hair style}, for 2+ years, and I think I am going to miss it.... even though I am getting sick of my drab hair.

{sorry it's a bit fuzzy... the original size was rather small, so it got blurred when I made it bigger.}

I am taking that picture to show the hair stylist. I am going to ask for about two inches cut off the end, more layers, and bangs. Eeek. The bangs part scares me. :/

The last time I got bangs, it scared me for life. I looked like a sixties freak.
I think I have already mentioned that in another post, though~ ;)

My mom has been to this salon before, and she said if nothing else the head massage that the lady gives completely is worth it. She has a way with comforting people like that. ;)
I'm just hoping that the hair cut {and massage!} will go well, and I will walk out of the place, with a hair cut that I like~

I will get a before and after picture, and put them on here... that is- if I like the end results! ;)


Sky said...

Oh... how depressing. I'm actually growing my hair out right now. I'm starting to look like I'm wearing a bush on my head, so we'll see how it goes. Hope your haircut goes well! Don't forget to tell us how it went.

And I love the song When It's All Said And Done. When it started playing on your playlist, I had to smile. :)

Gran said...

Hurry!!! Pictures.