{welcome to our kitchen at lunch time}

At about 12:30 p.m everyday, a tornado comes through our kitchen. Everything one puts the school books down, and heads to the kitchen to eat lunch. We don't really have a fixed meal...
Everyone just kind of comes in and does their own thing. {besides the younger ones, who can't do it themselves.}
The oven is used, pots and pans are dirtied, and the sink gets filled of bowls, and plates.

I told Mama that I was going to take some pictures of it before I cleaned everything up, and she requested that I also take after pictures! ;) ....just so you know that our kitchen doesn't always look this way!


There's just something about a clean kitchen that makes me smile!
 No more dirty dishes in the sink- except for the pot that had to soak, because someone burned something in it~ ;)


Going to bed on Thursday nights, you think about how tomorrow is Friday, and Friday's are always so much easier than the rest of the week.

Well, it usually goes that way... But not this Friday. Nope.
It wasn't a bad Day at all. It was a good day. Everyone seemed to be in good moods, we didn't have as much school work to do. It was a good day!

But... it was the things that happened that were kind of crazy.
For starters, the phone wouldn't work. {they hadn't been working the day before also, but a little while later they did start working.}

I was up in my room getting ready when I heard this bomb sounding sound go off, and the power goes out. I look out my window to see a little down our street, smoke going up in the air, and a electricity pole on fire.
The fire went out a few minutes before the firetruck came. naturally. ;)
The boys would have loved to see them put it out!

We all ate cereal, and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, in a dark dining room~ :)
...and then huddled under blankets in the living room during Bible study.
We ended up not freezing too much!

A couple hours later it came back on, so it wasn't too bad... just a little Friday morning chaos!

Here's to a happy weekend, and clean kitchens!



Meredith said...

haha sounds just as caotic as my life :)
i love blackouts. they give you a reason to finally light the fire place, eat smores, and spend time together. oh and lots of story telling!

have a wonderful day ;)

Lady B said...

Oh my goodness, That sonds like it would have scared me half to death.

Haha, our kitchen usually stays in a state of semi- disarray because the four of us are in and out of it all day and that is where paperwork and such gets done.
Hope you have a good weekend!
Through Christ,

Carrington said...

Your kitchen is so cute! I can't wait to see it in person! Unfortunately we've haven't had a blackout in years. {wink.wink.}