Who doesn't love walmart?

You can buy just about anything there, you can get great prices... but still I hate it.

We (Mama, Lily Kate, and I) paid a visit there just this afternoon. It's not the funnest place to be, but I guess everything can't be fun... especially going to walmart!! = )

Oh, before I forget, let me tell you something, we went to this consignment shop today, that has some really cute stuff... and I found this skirt. It was long and prairie style, brown and kind of beachy looking. And I really liked it, but didn't want to give up money to buy it... just couldn't. In the end I was glad I didn't but it, just didn't love it... and if I don't love it I won't buy it, and that was the case here. So I left the store empty handed... = )

Sorry for the boring post, I am not in a blogging mood.

guess I will go pay some visits to some blogs~

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Katherine said...

I feel the same way, oftentimes. :)