ten honest, random things about me.

1. I don't think I have ever taken a shower before where I haven't sang.

2. I love to talk = )

3. I want to harmonize very badly- I am working on it, and making progress I think? What do you think Aunt Monica- or should I say my teacher!! =)

4. I love reality shows (as long as they are descent!)

5. I have never had steak in my life- I would like to try some sometime.

6. I love statistics.

7. I take pictures when I am bored.

8. I have a basket full of lyrics- I love them!

9. I hate sitting next to Titus during church- he can't sit still to save his life.

10. Once I start laughing I can't stop- ask my family, its terrible.

Well, there you have it, ten random things~ I am going to go brush my teeth, then I am off to bed.


Jewel said...

That made me laugh so hard! :) That was a cute post. (Well, all of your posts are cute. :)) I like the part about Titus. Haha.

Giann said...

I LOVE Steak! Its really good! I LOVE to talk and I can't stop laughing sometimes! :) I call them *giggle fits* hahaha.....