Lets scare the poor kid, thats always a good idea.

Okay there is this book called "Annie Ashcraft Looks into the Dark". I was read this book more than a few times when I was little. And let me tell you, it is the scariest book any parent could read to a poor kid who is about to go to sleep. Let me "read" to you part of it~

"Annie is small, and the night is big. Very big. And sometimes scary. Tonight the night looks like it it's watching her, like white eyes peeking through the dark. And there are noises-like the kind coming at her now from the other side on the thin, knotty-pine walls of her bedroom. Scrape. Scritch. Scrape. As though something with claws is trying to get in. (oh, that's a comforting thought, isn't it?) Scritch...scrape. A dark shadow moves across a wall. Annie pulls her blue-and-white quilt over her head and buries herself into its warmth. But the quilt cannot keep out the scraping noise on the other side of the wall. Scritch...SCRAPE. Annie is too scared to move. She shivers even though it is summer. She's glad her mother closed the window before she went to bed. Now at least whatever is outside making that awful noise can't get in. But the latched window doesn't keep out the scary noise. Neither does the quilt. Nor Annie's pillow. Nor her eyes, which are squinted shut so tightly they hurt. Scritch...SCRAPE. SCRITCH...SCRAPE. Is the noise coming closer? Will it come through the pine walls and closed window?"

Okay that's enough... if you thought the story was scary you should see the illustrations, they are some scary illustrations. ☺ In the end it ends up that her dad comes in and finds that it is the latch on the door, on the woodshed that is making the noise, so he puts her back to bed. The story is built around the verse Psalm 3:5 "I can lie down and go to sleep. And I will wake up again because the Lord protects me." I really like that verse. I have always thought that this book was kind of creepy, for kids who are trying to go to sleep, but their mothers insist on reading them a horror story before bed... the poor kid.

I am not trying to offend the Mommys out there who read this to their kids, my mom did, and I lived through the scary nights that followed. Just Kidding- I don't think they were that bad. Just thought I would do a post about it, I saw Mama Reading it to Levi tonight, and thought I would do a post about it. Anyway, here are some pictures of Lily Kate~


Katherine said...

I LOVE LOVE the last photo!!!!!

Giann said...

I think you have too much fun with Lily Kate!

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Lydia dearest, you are a hoot!:)
You bring a smile to my face every time I visit your blog!!

Love all the pictures, especially the last one. Very neat...

Love your cousin,


Lulu98 said...

awww! I love them all!