Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie, and chevrolet

Titus had a baseball game tonight... oh, at that age they are so funny to watch! I remember when Gabe was playing at his age, I there was a little boy who did cartwheels in out field = ), I saw a little boy at practice one day, who did splits in out field!

(Oops, I just now relized that I put "to low", instead of "to big".)
This little boy, poor thing, couldn't for the life of him keep is pants pulled up! = ) He had to have his pants pulled up, and shoes tied before he went up to bat. Then as he was running to first, his pants started to fall, so he finished it out by skipping, it was adorable!

And, you can't have a baseball game, without the mom who acts like it is the world series, and jumps up and down, and screams!! Oh my~ ; D

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