For the Love of Fashion.

I love cute clothes, accessories, shoes, etc., etc. I think a lot of people do. I was going through my closet today, and was trying on things, and finding that a lot of things didn't fit... that's always fun!! So now I have two pairs of pants in the "cold months" catagory... winter is a long way off so I am not too worried about it~ =) Anyway, I have been thinking about style lately... I get on so many blogs and the people have great eyes for style, and always look so put together and cute. I always love to get magazines and to pick out clothes that I dream of owning, but sometimes I am just not willing to pay fifty dollars for a shirt = ) . We live about 2 min. from a great consignment shop, and they sell both used and new clothes, and everything is always in really good shape, and I love what the price tags have to say!! =) Here are some pictures of things that I found on some store websites, that I thought were very classy, and cute~ let me know what you think.


Katherine said...

These are great! Its always good to develop our style as young ladies.

Thanks for commenting on my photography blog!


Giann said...

I love the top picture!! That is a pretty dress!! Where is it from?

Jewel said...

Hi Lydia!

I really like all the photos. I'm into fashion too. :) I have gotten into scarves. (like the ones in the photos) I have one really colorful scarve, that can match a lot! :) And my sister and mother own about a million. lol! Too bad we live too far away, if you didn't, I would let you borrow some of mine. :D haha!