Adventure in the attic.

If you read the last post, you read about my hate for attics. Well, my hate for attics multiplied when I got up there and Levi decides to hang out at the bottom of the latter leading up there. First He said something with improper grammer, and I had to correct him about twenty times. Then as I was standing on the ladder leaning across the opening trying to reach something, he thinks it would be kind of cool, to push the ladder up, and I don't, I was so mad at him. Who wants to be standing on the steps with the bottom hanging in mid-air? =) I didn't find what I was looking for up there, so I guess I did it for no good. All those sweaty palms for nothing... =) I won't be up there anytime again soon, I can promise you that~ Hope you are having a great weekend, and the next time you go into an attic, think of me ; )


Giann said...

Will do! We have a walk-in attic!

Lulu98 said...

Haha! That is funny! I don't really like or dislike attics, I have never done much with one.. :)