He don't likes me.

Okay, I am going to fess up and admit that yes I had a argument with my six year old brother today, while I was babysitting. Sounds kind of silly, but I think the fight started, when he was acted like a jerk to Levi because He wouldn't stop blowing his wissle, so it when like this~

I was trying to watch them, clean the kitchen, and do school, that isn't a very easy thing to do by the way, if you have never tried doing it. Levi decides to convince me into giving Him a wissle, now let me tell you, this wissle isn't just the plastic kind that you get at the dollar store, this wissle is mettle, and was a wooden ball that just makes you ears ring when it is blown. So being the smart person that I am, I tell him that when he finishes eating his salad, I will give it to him (smart move I know). So eventually He finishes his salad, and gets the wissle, and then it started. Titus comes into the kitchen, and starts to argue with Levi and tells him to stop blowing it... then he proceeds to knock him on the head, with an glare in his eyes. So like any other person, I tell him to go to his room, so He does (isn't he such an obedient boy?!) Well, by that point I am getting extreamly tired of Levi blowing that blasted wisstle, so I tell him to put it up, but he had other plans, and continued to blow it, but I was in a hurry to finish up so I let it go, but then it gets extreamly annoying, and I tell him again, he doesn't listen, but I still don't do anything about it (I am a great babysitter aren't I?) =) Then as I was scrubbing away at a pot, with my back torwards Levi, He blows as hard as He can on that wissle... I was mad, and I let my temper get the best of me, and I turn around and yell "Stop doing that now, Levi" (isn't it funny how whenever your mad at someone you put their name somewhere in the sentence?) And that was followed by a sweet little voice, coming from a little boy with a big grin on his face and He says "Okay", in a I know your really mad type of voice... but it worked, thank goodness. Then later on I tell Titus to sit down on the sofa and read his "Dick and Jane" book. He doesn't like that idea, and begins to interfear with Gabe, while he is doing school. Then the real fun began, I try to get Titus to sit down and read, also while trying to get Gabe to do his work, and neither one of them was listening. I was fed up and I yelled to Titus to get in his room, and for Gabe to go in the school room. Finally after all that, I sat down to do my school, just as Levi came in and asked if he could get something out of his room, I told him he could as long as he didn't talk to Titus. Levi goes in there, and I go back to Math. Levi walked into the living room, and tells me "Titus told me, to tell you that He don't likes you". I couldn't help but laugh, it was so cute... so I guess in a way the fight ended on a good note~


Katherine said...

Ah, big sister hood!!! The lessons it can teach us, when we're in the mood ;)


Jewel said...

Hi Lydia,

Such cute brothers. Although I know that they can be a bother, just keep it up, because you're doing a great job of being a older sister! :)

With much Love~

Anonymous said...

Hey Lydia! Thanks alot the pictures on the Photos link are great! Not! :P
Better go!


Lulu98 said...

Hey Lydia! Thats hilarious! I read this a long time ago, sorry I haven't commented yet! :D
It was nice talking to you on the phone! We really need to do it again soon!
Your Friend,