the neighbors start hating us at 4.

Yes, you read the title of this post right... you see at 4 o'clock on Mondays, the girls down the street come over... the one Abigail's age dances with her in our living room, and Ashlyn who is my age joins me outside. Today they came over (it didn't work out for Monday this week) and we got out the water balloons and water balloon blaster... then all heck broke out in the backyard, balloons were flying onto the neighbors roofs (or so our veiw made it look like it, but they really just exsploaded really close to the car, thank goodness they where smart enought to put a screen around the car... they were watching out for us!! =) ) balloons were flying. everywhere. And, oh, before I forget, if you have never tried dumping a bucket of water balloons onto the trampoline, and then letting five kids get on it, and trample all over them, you should, you will get wet feet garenteed. I thought my eardrums were going to pop, screams were heard loud and clear. So thats what I did at 4... popped water balloons, I think that will be my line of work someday. ☺

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Giann said...

I like your new design! I LOVE water balloons!!! Have a great day!