You've got to enjoy then while their little...

Tonight as I got ready to put Lily Kate down for bed, she kept smiling at me and I would just smooch her little fat cheek as I turned the lights off and fixed her blankets. She is at such an adorable stage. She is discovering new things (this week my mom found her one morning laying on her back sucking her thumb in her bed!! She has recently learned how to role over, and suck her thumb!) She is such a joy! Mama said that she will wake her up in the morning by sucking so hard on her thumb that it makes a, well, you know a sucking smoochy sound. = ) It is so cute. But you have to enjoy them, I can remeber Levi being a little baby toddling around... and now he is out there with the boys, climbing trees, and doing whatever they do. They just grow up to fast!


amber said...

yes they grow up all too fast!

so sweet that you love your younger siblings this this day and age so many want to push their brothers & sisters away and pursue their own interests and friends - but siblings are friendships that last a lifetime~

i remember taking care of my brothers when they were little - standing over them, watching them.. much like you described.. now they all tower over me!! and even though there's 17 years between me and the youngest we are the best of friends!!

such a treasure to have~

loved looking through your blog here and seeing more of your heart~ beautiful.

blessings on your day there.

love, amber

Memaw said...

Are you getting the comments I'm leaving? I cannot tell.

The Sisters said...

Hi memaw,
yes, I am getting you comments! Thank you for them!