Celebration. before heading off to bed.

Here are a few pictures of his day and celebration of cake and icecream, before heading to bed! He was so excited when he opened his present and found a play pistol. Now he fits in just fine with his brothers!


(*>*)White Tiger'98 said...

Hey Lydia,
How are you? We haven't talked in a long time. :) So, I admit, in my "busyness", I forgot your blog. :( Sorry! :) So, I'll try to keep up with you through this blog. :) Feel free to email me, and tell your brother "HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY!" :) Bye!
~Jewel K

Memaw said...

I love the pictures and its looks as if everybody enjoyed Levi's birthday. I wish we could have been there.
Love to everbody,

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Too cute!
I love you little sweety!
Great Pictures!