Tonight I planned on soaking in the tub after a long day of garage selling, shoe shopping, laundry folding, dish washing, and walk taking. So I turned the water on and got ready to soak for a while, when a little brother knocks on the door and says he has to go before bed. So trying to be understanding, I let him in. After he was gone, and I am in the tub, soaking in some semi-hot water (its bound to be a little nippy after seven people have taken baths.) I stare at my "Winter Toenails", as mamma would call them... you know, when they are faded and chipped up, and look more like a grubby orange, then a hot pink... guess the sand from the beach a few months before, didn't help it any = ). So my long soak in the hot water tub, turned into a 5 min. scrub, in a cold tub. Oh well, it was a nice thought to think upon...


I guess I better go now, I need to put away a mountain of cloths, brush my teeth, get cloths ready for church tomorrow, and do that last min. Sat. night things... so I better sign off. Sorry for rambling on like this... I'll spare you next time! ; )

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The Millers said...

that made me laugh! :)