finished a book, began a book.
Got ready for the day, finished getting ready for the day.
Ate breakfast, finished breakfast.
Whent to church, came back from church.
Read, finished reading.
Ate lunch, finished lunch.
Read while eating, finished reading.
Did blog and e-mail check, finished blog and e-mail check.

Off to read more bloggerings, then gone to read about simplicity or Amish life.... big choice, ha! Amish are simple, maybe I should just read about the Amish, they are bound to teach me a bit about simplicity...


Gran said...

i finished my book. it was so good. can't wait for you to read it. thank you again for all your HARD work. you did a great job. sure was blue when i came home and you guys were gone. too quiet. your note made me cry.looking forward to thanksgiving. love you - Grandma

The Sisters said...

Hi Gran,
I can't wait to read that book! I finished the one book that I started there.... loved it! I am starting on that series! I am lost in Lancaster county! Hahaha! I enjoyed our visiting and can't wait till we come next time! Sorry my note made you cry... I didn't mean to!! = ) Love you lots,

P.S Hope Pa found the cereal in the pantry and the floor isn't slick!! = )