Proud to say he is three...

My little bubby is growing up! Today he turns the big three. He thinks he is such a big shot... who wouldn't be that when you can walk around the grocery store and pick out a balloon and ice cream... I mean really, you're practically grown ; ) at least that is what he thinks... He is such a sweetie. Last night he was so excited that he wouldn't go to sleep. So I had the vision in my mind of him laying down in my little single sized bed, and us try to go to sleep. As you can imagine my vision crashed as soon as the light clicked off. He doesn't want to go to sleep, he wants to talk, and talk, and talk some more... they only problem is that Abigail and I are trying to go to sleep and Abigail keeps telling me to take him out, cause with him in here we are aren't going to get any sleep... He kept telling me that he didn't fit in the bed, and that I needed to scoot over. So as soon as I closed my eyes and stopped talking to him, he said that he was going out, and there was no stopping him... I didn't argue with him, I needed some sleep... He had quite a day... but he was kinda pillish... we gave him grace, cause this day only happens once, and we have to make the most of it.
I love you Levi, you will always be my favorite little blue eyed, blond hair boy, ever.

Love your sister,

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McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Levi!!!
I hope you had a super day:)

I can so relate to having a little guy in my bed:) Malachi always prefers mine over his own!:)
And of couse I must sing him to sleep!LOL!:)

Love you!