something about me and picnics

Whenever I spontaneously say that we are going on a picnic for lunch something is bound to happen. I'm serious. It's either extremely windy- were the napkins are floating aimlessly around the yard, and the blanket is flying up from underneath you, or something else that is ridiculous happens.

Late this morning I told Levi and Titus that we were going on a picnic today for lunch. I cut up carrots, made cheese toast, and popped popcorn. It wasn't much but enough to be out of the ordinary, and fun for them. I grabbed the camera, and the picnic basket and headed out the door with them.

We sat down in the turning-green grass, and fixed everything up.

Then it happened. The dog got out of his pen and started running towards us. He ran across the food. Twice. If it hadn't been so annoying, it would have been ridiculously annoying. I would have laughed... but I didn't.

We ate the leftovers, and basked in the sunshine. Even though it didn't go the way I was hoping- or expecting- it was still fun. We ate popcorn {lots}, and took pictures of the gorgeously blue skies. It was memorable, and nice to do something out-of-the-ordinary.

                          We kicked our shoes off and felt the grass beneath our feet.



Monica said...

I'm sure the boys had fun, even if the dog ran over the food. :o)

Elizabeth J. said...

Love the pictures. You did a great job. I love the last one. The little boy is adorable.

Lady B said...

Mmm, I am looking forward to doing that soon!
By the way, your hair is lovely. Sorry, I did not get to say anything today but it looks very good on you!
Through Christ,

Alexandra! said...

So sorry the dog ran over it.....

The pictures are great! <3

Davis Family said...

Hi, I'm Alex. I'm a friend of Carrington's. She talks about you ALL the time and is so ecstatic to go see you guys!

I love your haircut! I recently got bangs cut and I love it (except when I'm ttrying to read and they fall in my face:)!

Picnics are so much fun, even when dogs run over them:) I have three little brothers and a little sister and they just love picnics.

In Christ,
Alex Davis

lahni said...

thanks lydia:))I saw you got a haircut too and I like it!Have a great week!