{i'm still eating turkey}

Well, I guess I am exaggerating just a bit. ;)
although we still do have some dressing~

We had a very good Thanksgiving-- it was different than any Thanksgiving that I have ever experienced..
the cooking was on us. Yes, we felt a little awkward making everything, we had always had other family to share that task with~ so we were a little lost!

 Here's my dad-- or that day he was the Turkey-hacker-upper. ;) he's not known for His turkey cutting skills!
                                                                         the bird
 we were laughing about how mean He looks in this picture~ even He thought so!
 out by the fire that night roasting marshmallows~ as if Thanksgiving dinner didn't fill us up enough..
 the fire~
Abigail, and I by the set table-- She is very creative in that area!

{photo courtesy of Abigail, for some of the above pictures}

Well, I better go see what I'm wearing to church tomorrow~ better be something warm.. It's been snowing the past couple of days, off, and on. It snowed tonight, when we went to the Christmas parade {pictures to come of that another time}. It was very cozy, even though we did start to freeze despite wearing sock caps, and other layers of warmth!

mErY early ChRistMaS!
stay warm~

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Alexandra! said...

Looks like a really good Thanksgiving! :)

Snow....Oh I want snow!