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it has been way to long since I last blogged- for me anyways. I have worked on several posts, but like I have said before, they just haven't made it to my home page!!

.~ the other day I was out in the yard.. it was a very nice day out, about 45 degrees which felt oh, so warm, compared to the 18 degree weather that we have been having~ ;)
anyways. We have a strip of woods in the back of our yard, and then a corn field. Same on the side of the yard too. I had been back there once when we first moved here, but hadn't gone back. So, I asked the boys if they wanted to go for a walk. Of course, they always jump at the chance to go on a walk with their favorite sister. ;) {*wink*}

      It is very pretty back there~ especially when the sun started to set.
                                                                  {me w/ my boys}


I heard this song on "Sarah Palin's Alaska", and really like it. I like a lot of Third Day's music-- this is diffidently one of my favs! .~ make sure to pause music at bottom before listening.

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