{baby it's cold outside}

it's been snowing the past four days.. it's very pretty~
one particular member of our family has been depressed by it..{who will remain nameless}.

Despite the one depressed person ;) it has been very fun~
I'm not one of those people that will spend hours and hours out in it-- building snowmen, and making snow angels..
no I'm one of those types that throws a few snow balls, takes some pictures, and catches some flakes on my tongue, and then goes inside and thaws out.

I like to watch it fall outside the window..
yesterday I came inside and was sitting on my bed slowly pulling all my layers of clothing off. listening to Silent Night and watching the snow swirling outside my window.. listening to the words. that tell THE.STORY.

Reminds me of how caught up we get this time of year.
when really..
it is all about that silent, and holy night...


Sues said...

I can commiserate with the despressed one. ;-)

Giann said...

I LOVE the snow!!!! Are there any more pictures?? :)


Grace said...

I LOVE snow!! That is a wonderful picture you have there! =)

I've been reading some of your blog, and I must say you have a good blog! You really do! I've enjoyed all that I have seen, and I look forward to more!

Happy Holidays!

God Bless,

If you like you may visit me at: http://gracefulmaiden.blogspot.com/

Alexandra! said...

Snow is wonderful!

I tagged you over at my blog! :):):)

Anonymous said...

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