when people think your something that your not

Last Sunday we visited a church. About 20 minutes into the service Mama, and I took Lily Kate, and Levi out, because LK was being loud. Imagine that?! ;) As I was holding her and walking out of the sanctuary, she waved to everyone. Oh the joys of being a big sister! ha!

Well, there was a Man that was showing us the nursery, and Sunday school class that they would be in. Levi went into the class that he would be in with Mama, and a lady showed me Lily Kate's nursery class. First I was called her mother, then the teacher went on to ask me, "So what does your husband do?" {my chin dropped to the floor, my eyes bulged out of my head, and I fainted. ☺} I told her"SHE IS NOT MY DAUGHTER!!! I AM NOT HER MOTHER!!! I AM NOT MARRIED!!!" well, not really quite like that.

     Then a few minutes later, when back in Levi's class, Lily Kate was eating one of her crackers, and a little girl tapped me, and said, "Your daughter is trying to give me her cookie!". I smiled at her and laughed~ you have to some time. ;)

I'm off to go watch the Pioneer woman do a throw down with Bobbie Flay now!

Have a wonderful evening!


Hannah said...

That is just too crazy!! =D Well, consider it a compliment to your beauty and maturity. ;)

Sisters of Grace said...

That is so funny:D


Alexandra! said...


Olivia Coy said...

Haha. We have friends that the two oldest sisters and two oldest sisters will get asked if they are married and if their younger siblings are their kids. It's really funny since they all look alot alike.

Bethany said...

I got asked that in Wal Mart while pushing my baby sister (heavens to besty, do I really look that old?)

"You've got your hands full - your baby is so cute."


The Writings of Grace said...

Hi Lydia! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving! We did. We heard about the Pioneer woman! We used her recipe for the mashed potatoes! Pa made them!

We heard about ya'lls big snow. I was jealous at the moment!(laughing)