we thought we were going to win it

Today we took our Christmas pictures~ should I say part 1 of our Christmas pictures. ;)
I don't think we have ever done Christmas pictures when something didn't go wrong. I'm serious. This year it was the tri-pod. It broke, so my Dad rigged it up with duct-tape-- like we do when anything else breaks! ha. ;) It was the tri-pod that gave us problems last year too. what's up with us and tri-pods?

we finally got outside and started taking... after rigging the tri-pod up with duct-tape of course. ;)

this is the typical Christmas picture... everyone is smiling, we look happy to be having our picture taken..
same here... for some of us.

 but really this is what 99.9% of them ended up looking like.
This picture has my Dad and I  laughing, my mom looking annoyed, and Abigail in mid-blink. I think we need to send this one out-- at least we would be honest. ;)

needless to say-- we will be re-doing them on Friday. ☺


The other day I walked outside to get the mail... I pulled out one of those scratch of winner things from a car place here in town. I went inside and being the gullible person that I am, I start to scratch it off, and match up the codes with the winning code. When I got to the second scratch off, I saw that the code matched the winning one. For a second I just ignored it and then started to think that maybe it was the winning one. I showed my mom and everyone else. We read all the info. about the winning prize. You could either win $17,000.00, or a car. (we all agreed that we would rather have the $17,000..ha!)

My mom was kind of reluctant to believe it, so Abigail called the place and asked the about it. They said that you would have to come by the place and see if the key fit the hole in the car. That afternoon when Abigail and my Mom were out running errands they stopped by there to see if it fit. We were all anxious that afternoon~at least I was. Like I said, I'm a gullible person.
Later the got home and told me the bad news...

We were not the winners!


There's always next time! :)


samarah said...

love the pictures! You have a very beautiful family :) haha I do those scratch off things all the time! One time we had a match or whatever and my parents turned it in and got a whopping $5 Walmart gift card! at least it was better than nothing ;)

hope you are having a great evening!

Giann said...

I love the first one! Wonderful Pictures!!

Gran said...

I like the first one except for the shows on your faces.

Gran said...


Alexandra! said...

You, your mom and sster are so pretty! :)

I don't think you can win those things.....

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! :-) Too bad you didn't win, my family and I never win this kind of stuff either... hah But yeah, there's always next time! Have a great Thanksgiving :)