I've been saying for a week now, "I'll do a post tomorrow"..and then tomorrow comes, and I don't do it.

..so I am sitting down, and will hopefully will get it posted.

I absolutely l.o.v.e this time of year. It is beautiful!!

I love wearing sweaters, and boots. I love all the colorful trees. I love that Thanksgiving day will be here soon. I love that Christmas will be here right after that~

"The Girl's" (my mom, Abigail, me, and Lily Kate) went to the city that is near us today. We spent the day shopping. It was such a fun time. Our whole family has gone a couple times, and we always feel rushed, grouchy, and it isn't fun. ;) so just the girls went today~

The town that we live in is small. The shopping is horrid. Before we moved up here, my mom was e-mailing a lady that lived here, and she said that you can just about see one end of the mall from the other. Unfortunately, it is very true! ;)

Mama and I went into a consignment shop a couple days ago. It was depressing. We didn't find anything, and the prices where on the higher side.
          There were two women that walked in , that reeked of cigarette smoke (I don't mean to sound snotty here!), and said, in a very hick accent, "They've got some gorgeous sweaters here". I felt like saying, "Oh really? I have looked at all racks, and haven't seen a single one!". Ha!

But today we went to a consignment shop, and were expecting it to be really good, and were very disappointed! It was mostly clothes for business woman, and not really what we were looking for. I did end up getting a pair of jeans, a sweater, and shirt, that I really liked. In the last town that we lived in there was a shop that we loved! We almost always left the store with a couple of things. I guess we got spoiled!

(lily kate has finally grown enough hair to have pig-tails!)

Last Sunday afternoon I baked sweet potato pies. They were a hit! I got the recipe off of foodnetwork.com. It was a Paule Deen recipe~ I told my mom that Paula Deen knew what she was doing when it came to sweet potato pie! ;)

On my next post I plan on doing a tour of our house-- now that it is starting to come together. I will try to do it tomorrow~

Have a wonderful weekend!


Lady Helen Mar said...

Hehe, I felt the same way when we moved here. When we first moved here people talked about going to the mall; I was thinking what mall, all I see are some stores stuck together. It is a small town and there is not much to do but it has grown on me. Hope you have a lovely day!
Through Christ,

Alexandra! said...

I actually don't like shopping anywhere.

Your sister is so cute!

Sisters of Grace said...

Lily Kate is so cute!
I know what you mean about shopping with the whole family. It always ends up being a disaster:)

I can't wait for the tour of your house!

Have a great day,

LivLife said...

I've been waiting for some pictures of your house. I bet it's adorable. We have a Goodwill near us that my sister and I frequent and we can normally find some pretty good stuff...especially skirts.