to the birthday boy

today is Levi's 4th birthday.

how time flies! I remember the day he was born-- doesn't seem like it was four years ago~

He is a very funny child. Very mature-- esp. his taste buds. ;)

He loves coffee, and sushi... My parents are taking him out for sushi this weekend. Isn't that just like a four year old?! ;)

He made up this thing that he tells all the women in His life when we leave to go somewhere-- "Your gorgeous, and pretty, and beautiful. Your my one star, I love you, your my pink bulldog, I love you. Bye!"
he's got it down pat, and never forgets to tell us. He's a little romeo. {wink}

I love you bud! Happy Birthday!



Lady Helen Mar said...

Awh, how sweet! My, I have not even aquired a taste for either one of those yet. Happy Birthday to him!
Through Christ,

Alexandra! said...

Happy Birthday!

Carrington said...

:P Happy B-day Levi! Just like a 4 yr. old to go have sushi. :P
Hope he had a great day!