the queen of the college campus...

I think I am in love with this baby. 
and her Easter dress, and flower/bow.
I think shes cute.
She has become quite the eater lately... she ate pizza tonight with the rest of the family. (note: it was unsalted, organic, and homemade, and good.) She thought she was cool~ She is cool.

You wouldn't think from the pictures, that she would be such a flirt. But... she is~ :)

I love this barn, it is so shabby-chic. I would run through that field and take some pictures, and share them on here. But I think I would look like a dork if I did. Can you see me. Jumping out of the car on the side of the road, and running through the rows of plants, and taking pictures along the way. Yeah... I would look like a dork. :)
I like this court house that is in the middle of a little town near us... It is fun to take pictures of... it's very photogenic! :)
This is an interesting strip of pine trees along the way.
                                 And don't ask what is in the picture above, because I don't know. :)
I take so many pictures of pecan trees. and I hardly ever have any turn out right! :)



Rachelle14 said...

Cute pictures! And I just now read your last post and wanted to let you know that I greatly enjoyed it. It was exactly what I needed today! Thanks!

~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Beautiful!! Lydia my dear girl, you are getting quite talented!

One correction though... All photographers are dorks (the good ones anyway:) So next time you see an awesome old barn like that my dear cousin, jump right out of that car and run like mad!!

Love You!!


Giann said...

I Love the pictures! and the little girl!!! I could seriously eat her up!! Sooo cute!

You are really talented and artistic!! Btw, are you left-handed? jw....