Sometimes I have feelings.

Sometimes they are bad feelings.

And sometimes they are good~

But today, they were bad.. I was in a bad mood.

It was the type of mood that you could not get rid of.
Even listening to praise music could not cure me of my bad mood. {and that usually helps!☺}

It was a really bad feeling. I felt really mean. I think I was. hmmm.

I felt like screaming. I couldn't get the terrible feeling away. I tried. I tried being cheerful. I tried being happy. I really did. I needed to recuperate. Badly! ;)

I heard these lyrics on Kathrine Scott's song "Hungry"~

"I am weary, but I know Your touch restores my life."~

God's grace is really amazing.
We give up on Him so easily. Thinking that we will find fulfilment in other things.
Like anger.

But He never, never gives up on us.

another part of the song~

"I am empty, but I know that Your love does not run dry."

"Hungry, I come to You, for I know You satisfy."

~we know He satisfies. We just forget so easily.

Later this evening I  had to get out of the house. So when Mama asked me to walk with her down to the college, I took her up on it.
I had to get out of the house. Even though I knew it was extremely hot. Yeah, I was really that desperate! ;)

Being outside cured me of that mood. I was happy again. I was myself.

My head cleared.

I was so glad. I hated the person that had walked around that afternoon being grumpy, and venting their anger.
I get in those moods once in a while. I think we all do.

But God is always ready to forgive~ He is always ready for you to come back, once you figure out that there is no fulfilment in the other things.~.

Aren't you glad God is always ready to forgive?
I know I am~



Miss K said...

I am so grateful that God is always ready to forgive! Without God's grace, I would be one sorry mess! Great post, Lydia!

Alexandra! said...

Great Post Lydia! :)
I really *love* your new picture at the top also!


carlotta said...

wonderful post - and gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...

amazing post!! I feel like this sometimes too (more than I would like to...) and you're so right! I LOVE this song, it's really a great reminder of who God really is :)

Giann said...

Thanks so much for sharing that Lydia! What a great reminder!

Have a great week!