one week~ no blog.

This week has been busy. I have learned some things. Like we are moving eight hours away...☺I will write about that at the bottom~

 It started out Monday by packing for a trip to our cousins. If you have ever tried packing for three little boys, you should. It isn't easy! ☺ But we eventually got all the bags packed, and in the car. And we headed for their house.
We were going to meet up with them at a historical museum place. They have all types of living history things. i.e- blacksmiths shop, printers shop, old fashioned store, and a lot more! We seem to have this thing with picking the hottest day of the year to go to places. ☺ We were all extremely hot, and loved it when we would find an air-conditioned place to hang out in for a few minutes!

(we found this old torn up building~ I loved it! It was perfect to take pictures in.)

So like I said. It has been a busy week, long week.

Yes, we are moving.
No, I don't feel like posting the 250 pictures I took while we were away.
Yes, I got too much sun while away.
No, I didn't get away without pealing {grin}.
Yes, I now have a playlist that actually works.
No, I have not finished putting all the songs I want on it.
Yes, I hate that's why I switched to
No, I have not been absent from my blog this week. I looked at it every day.
Yes, have meaning to post.
No, I am not going to post the 250 pictures today- it will take me about a week to get them all up here (at least ☺).
Yes, I got to see Casting Crowns live last Sunday night.
No, it wasn't the whole group.
Yes, I know this 'yes' 'no' stuff is getting old.

Here's all us cousins lined up and ready to go~ They say the come cheaper by the dozen, ya' know! ;)
Me milking the goat- don't I look like I stepped right out of the 1800's? ☺
The kittens were precious! 
I love taking pictures pf these things that you see in fields. McKenzie told me the name for it, but I forgot. ☺

I will post the rest of the pictures tomorrow~
I will end with a picture of Gabe taking a rest~ He was feeling kind of old-fashioned- haha. ☺

So I said I would write about our move.

We moved just last year.

I never wrote about it at the time, but I will now.

Daddy got a job four hours away. We had a house that wouldn't sell, and we couldn't leave it soo. He drove to the job every Sunday, and came back on Friday nights~ He did that for two months. It was a long hard time. Mama was pregnant, and we were all emotional, and tired. We had lived there for seven years. We had family there, a ballet school that we loved, baseball at our church that Gabriel loved. Friends there. And a whole lot of other stuff. All that we left.

I remember very clearly loading up our car, and telling home good-bye.
It was terrible. We left at about 5:30 in the evening, and got supper at Chic-Fil-A (if nothing else, at least we got the treat of eating out ☺). It was the worst night of my life. It was a horrible four hours!
We got there at about 11:30 and walked into a dark un-furnished house. That smelled musty and un-lived in. (I guess the un-lived in part makes since, huh?) We tried to have a positive attitude (or did we ☺), but it was extremely hard, when we were tired, and sad. It was like that for a couple of days. But we made ourselves at home, and everything is going just fine one year later. ☺
So, here I am typing that we are going to be moving again. But I have a feeling it won't be like that~ We won't have to leave a home and town that we have lived in for seven years. We are used to being far away from family. Not that it won't be really hard being an extra four hours away, but... you know...

It is really funny how your mind-set can change in such a short period of time, isn't it?

We would really appreciate your prayers during this time!

Have a great weekend~



Alexandra! said...

Looks like y'all had fun! :)
I hope y'all like your new house!

~Alexandra! :D

Miss K said...

Great pictures! I'm glad you guys had a good time-it looks like fun! I pray that your move will go well and that God will provide some wonderful friends in your new place. It's hard moving, hopefully it will be a smooth, uneventful move. Atleast you will still have all of your online friends {like me!} ; )

~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Hello Lydia!
I am so glad you guys came down! It was a lot of fun:)

Love you always...

Carri said...

Hi Lydia! I just gave up on music I had already tried mixpod put it was almost like they didn't have any music on there, and what they did it wouldn't work. Maybe you can help me with mine when I see you next.

Love you!

~Cousin Carri ;)