just to tell you

that I love summer.

and riding through a big open parking lot, and throwing up your hands and squealing. :)
and little boys giving their Mama flowers..
and some more little boys covered in shaving cream... in the hot afternoon.
that have smiles that out shine the whiteness of the cream.
and make your heart sing.
I also love peaceful bedrooms, with antique beds.
and beautiful painted eggshells. {no, I did not do that, my Grandmother gave it to me, I am not sure who did it, but whoever did, they have talent.}

and fun summer toenail Polish..

chubby baby hands..
and feet..
and more bright smiles..
and legs that shake with unsteadiness when they stand up..

and funny expressions. :)
~and late nights sitting on the porch railing with my sister, singing.
~and much, much more..

What do you love?


Lulu98 said...

beautiful pictures Lydia! :D
love your blog!

Katherine said...

I love the big summer moons, and the big summer stars. I love the clear cloudy skies, and the open hearts. I love the neighborly kindness, and family time out. I love the summery photos, and hanging about.


Rachelle14 said...

What a happy post! And beautiful pictures! I love absolutely everything about summer.

Giann said...

I LOVE your pictures!!
I love summer days spent @ the pool!
and Beating the Odds before the summer is over!!

Anonymous said...

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