[i was ready]

to take the plunge
and whenever you take a plunge no matter what area in life it can be sCarY. Even when trying new things off the diving board. :)

this past weekend I was able to spend a lot of time with my Grandmother.

She was (is)  in the hospital, I spent the afternoon with her, and spent the night with her.

She is a wonderful woman.

Fun, loving, giving, and  encouraging.

Even though she is not in the best shape health wise, she is still the same Grandmother I have known all my life. We had the best time, we laughed and laughed. :)

We stopped by my cousins on the there, we had a good time, even though it was short!

Bye now~


samarah said...

Hi! I like your new blog look! :) Your pictures are gorgeous... what kind of camera do you have??
Also, I awarded you over at my blog! :)

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Olivia Coy said...

Love the new picture of you...so beautiful!