mommys day.raccoons.and spray paint.

Interesting title I know. But it is the only way to explain what has been going on in my world lately. Today is Mother's Day, I have the best Mama, that anyone could have. She is so sweet, loving, cheerful, and fun. I love you Mama!! ♥

and to explain the raccoon part, well.... we have this little friend, who lives in a hollow tree nearby. He comes by every night around 9 to eat cat foot on the back porch. I caught him last night, He looked at me, and I looked at him, then everyone came to look. He didn't mind having an audience, he just went on with his business, occasionally looking up at us. He washes his hands in between bights, it is hilarious to watch. He is huge, I took some pictures of his visit, and will post them soon.

I took one of our old picture frames, that was out-dated, and not very pretty, and I was going to try to re-paint it, and shabby-chic it. So I sprayed the first layer on there, then let it dry for a little while. Then I got it and went to spray the second layer on there, when to my horror, bright red spray paint comes out onto the crisped white frame. Oh, no!!! I quickly got a paper towel, and wiped it all off, so it looks fine now, it just has a little smidgen on red =)

Well, I need to head to bed~ good night!


Anonymous said...

Thank-you, sweet Lydia! I love you, too!

Lulu98 said...

Haha.. I love reading your writings, Lydia! You are so funny! :D
And I love the very last picture, so beautiful! :D