do I really have to title this post?

this little girly turned ten months old today~ she's standing up and doing the real hands-and-knees crawl. saying "byebye'', "Ma Ma", and bird. she is such a little lady.


Monday we headed out to the strawberry Field, it was overcast and looked like it might rain, but we we were determined to pick some, at least I was!! =)

there was a certain three year old who was trying to pick one, but ended up pulling up the plant... poor guy, I couldn't help but laugh. =)


today after I had finished school, the boys took me and showed me the blackberry bushes that they had discovered...

our lovely pear tree~


Gabriel at baseball...

Lily Kate and I.... a.k.a his cheer leaders! =) (that will be the day!)

a few more pictures of the boys and I outside~

My little buddy and I~

I love it when the pecan trees start getting green again~

little Levi looking a little puzzled


When I was walking through the parking lot at the baseball game the other night, I was holding Levi's hand and pulling him along. When all of the sudden I feel this pull on my hand, and hear a bump and "Oww", I look back and Levi was rubbing his head... He had run into the mirror on the sides of one of the cars. ☺ Now that's what I call 'watching where you are going'!

I was putting my mascara on this morning, and Levi walked up and stood outside the door, then He said "I'm hungry, Lydia!" (that's a frequently said sentence around here) I told him that I would get him something in a minute. Then I heard Titus yell from the bedroom "Eat Your Finger!!" Great idea Titus! ; )
If the bubble company knew that a three year old could shed so many tears, and get so upset over a bottle of bubbles, I don't think they would have invented them.
Whenever Titus says something to Mama that might make her sad if it wasn't coming from a six year old, ( does that make since?) and she pretends to cry, he will tell her "You tied the not", and hopes that that will make up for the careless thing He just told her! He keeps us laughing. ☺
Yesterday morning, Levi came in from outside, where Abigail was running. She had sent him in to fix her some water and bring it to her, so He goes over to the cabinet and pulls out a little tiny sippy cup, and fixes her some, He fills it to the very brim of the cup, and then walks very slowly to the door, and says "This is scary", as it is spilling over the edges... =)
I was awarded by Katherine @ . She awarded me the "Stylish blogger award"! Thanks Katherine~
I can't get the pictures/button thing to get to this area of this post, but here are my five random things about myself~
* I am very energetic ; )
*I don't like math.
*I love watermelon =)
*I love to swim
*I hate running.
well I think that was random enough!~
I award~
{lydia . caroline}


Katherine said...

hehe Hilarious brothers! Glad you got the award!

Amber said...

Haha, love this post!

Eliza Grace said...

I love your header! That pictures is so pretty! Did you take that?
Thanks for the award! So what do I do? Post a few random things about me and then tag other people? :)
I enjoyed that post!!


Carri said...

Thanks Lydia! Lily Kate is so sweet! I love the pictures of you and Lily Kate, and you and Levi!

Love you!